Mark Johnson IACT 2016 Educator of the Year

IACT 2016 Educator of the YearEvery year at the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) annual conference they present various awards to members for different reasons. This year IACT presented Certified Master Trainer Mark Johnson the 2016 Educator of the Year Award in recognition of Excellence in Communication and Outstanding Performance.

Mark took advantage of his Master of Music degree and spent 12 years teaching group piano, keyboard and organ lessons. While he began learning hypnosis in 2003, he had the opportunity to watch his father hypnotized people as far back as the 1960’s. With that background in mind, hypnosis and teaching are nothing new for Mark.

In 2010 he began traveling to offer hypnotherapy sessions in a variety of locations in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Georgia and South Carolina. When Mark started teaching the following year he realized that his travels to offer sessions had created a network of connections that he now uses to teach his Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy classes in 5 different locations.

In addition to learning from his father, Mark studied with the best of the best in terms of Hypnosis Instructors. He has attended classes with Gil Boyne, Ormond McGill, Randal Churchill and George Bien. In addition, Mark has attended advanced training with Brian Weiss, Michael Newton, David Quigley and Paul Aurand.

Like he does in his sessions, Mark brings all his knowledge and understanding into the classroom when he teaches. He has a extensive training, though he makes a point to explain that he also learns when he works with clients as well as when he teaches. It is important for Hypnotherapy students to understand that working with clients is like going to graduate school.

Good Vibes Hypnosis: Reliable Hypnotherapy Training and Solutions

Hypnotherapy Training and SolutionsIf you are looking for Hypnotherapy Training and Solutions, then consider Good Vibes Hypnosis because they have what you need. The training offered by Good Vibes Hypnosis Training, which is a Dallas based clinical hypnotherapy institution, includes different ways to address issues like stopping smoking, losing weight, managing anxiety and stress, and overcoming phobias and fears plus many more through hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

The training is offered by Mark Johnson, who has over the years has helped many people overcome their problems through the art of hypnosis. Every day, Mark gets calls from prospective clients looking for an effective way to manage their fears, pains and problems. And everyday people receive hypnotherapy solutions that have helped them to make dramatic improvements in their lives. So if you are looking to learn hypnosis or even to hone your hypnosis and hypnotherapy skills, then Mark is the guy for you.

Mark’s Good Vibes Hypnosis Training will help you learn hypnotherapy and become a better hypnotherapist as it covers many aspects on how one can use the art of hypnosis to help others move forward in their lives as their challenges become a thing of the past. Mark, whose father was a hypnotist and who studied hypnotism, is upholding a family tradition. Mark uses a combination of traditional methodologies as well as the latest hypnotic techniques to help his clients in the best way possible. This unique combination, combined with his extensive experience, has helped Mark become a better hypnotist and an excellent hypnotherapy instructor. It is this knowledge and experience that he shares through his trainings that will help you in your hypnotherapy training class as you master the art of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy Training and Solutions

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Through this training, you will learn how to help clients overcome their smoking problem through hypnosis. Hypnosis is known to be the most effective way to overcome this vice as it addresses the main problem – the client. When you use the techniques you learn from your Good Vibes Hypnosis Training class to assist your clients in putting an end to their smoking habit, they will be free from the desire to smoke as well as withdrawal symptoms often associated with stopping smoking.

Stress And Anxiety Management Through Hypnosis

The training will also teach you effective ways to address client stress and anxiety issues by using the most effective hypnotherapy techniques. This will provide them with the opportunity to enjoy their lives.

Overcoming Fears and Phobias Through Hypnosis

Mark’s Good Vibes Hypnosis Training will also teach you how to effectively help your clients overcome their fears and phobias, freeing them from their own mental blocks.

Hypnosis for Insomnia

Learn ways through which you can use hypnosis to assist your clients in dealing with the challenges that make it difficult for them to get to sleep or sleep throughout the night. You will learn how to teach your client to hypnotize themselves so they can get to sleep. You will also learn specific hypnotic techniques to get to the root cause of the underlying problem so that their problems with insomnia will become a thing of the past.

Good Vibes Hypnotherapy Training and Solutions include hypnotherapy sessions and training. Mark also offers advanced training in Alchemical Hypnotherapy as well as Advanced Regression Training which involves learning age regression, regression to the womb and past life regression.

Sadly, Good Vibes Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Training and Solutions is only held several times each year. However, it is worthwhile to attend one when they are being held. The great thing is that this training is offered in different locations where the institution has offices. In addition to Dallas, Mark also offers classes in New Orleans, Houston and Atlanta.

If you would love to learn more about hypnosis or are looking to hone your hypnotism skills, then attending Mark’s Good Vibes Hypnosis classes is definitely what you need to do. With years of experience and as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Master Trainer, Second Generation Hypnotherapist Mark Johnson is definitely a professional with the experience, skill, knowledge and understanding that you need to learn hypnosis and become a Certified Hypnotherapist. If you are looking for reliable hypnotherapy training in Dallas, Houston, New Orleans or Atlanta, then contact Mark to find out more about the upcoming Good Vibes Hypnosis Training classes coming soon.

Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Schedule

The Good Vibes Hypnosis Training course is a Ten-Day Hypnotherapy Training for Certification and is Divided Into 2 Five-Day Levels

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Classes are available in Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, New Orleans and Atlanta

Choosing The Right Hypnotherapy Training Course

Illustration depicting a highway gantry sign with a new skills and training concept. Blue sky background.Individuals who have an interest in becoming a hypnotist should be aware of the hypnotherapy training courses available and what they entail. Below is a guideline of requests and questions that should be asked when making inquiries about these training courses.

Training Hours Offered

There are a variety of different hypnosis certifications available. One of the more basic ones is called a Master Hypnotist. While the certification title Master Hypnotist may sound impressive, this certification has been available in the past with as little as 50 hours of training. The training course for a Certified Hypnotherapist typically consists of a minimum of 200 hours and at least 100 of these hours should be conducted within an actual classroom.

About The Certification

Any reputable training institute will issue a certification once the course has been completed successfully in hypnotherapy training. This certification comes from hypnosis organizations that are internationally recognized and publish practitioner ethics, including associations such as the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).

Hands On Training

In order to learn about hypnosis in a thorough manner, students will spend time experiencing and facilitating hypnosis sessions rather than merely listening to a number of lectures. Internationally recognized hypnotherapy organizations discourage correspondence, video or online courses and require additional classroom training before they provide certification, regardless of how many hours of non-classroom training have been undertaken.

The Hypnosis Trainer

The primary teacher for hypnosis training should be the source of all the information received while on the course. For this reason students are encouraged to find out in advance who their instructor will be, as well as, an idea of the instructors knowledge and experience. Some hypnosis training courses include a primary and a secondary instructor, which provides the students with a additional opportunities to learn during live demos as well as during the supervised practice sessions.

Reviewing The Outline Of A Course

Students are encouraged to request an outline of what will be learned on the course. The outline should be thorough and cover essential topics that include: applications of hypnosis, history of hypnosis, guided imagery, suggestion management, regression techniques, and inductions.

Course Costs

Reputable instructors for hypnosis courses are always transparent about the costs involved. Students should expect to pay a fair price for their tuition fees. It is advisable to be wary when it comes to cheap tuitions or inflated fees. The general acceptable tuition fees for a certification in hypnosis around the US should range from $2,000 up to $3,000. Tuition varies depending on the length of the training as well as the content. Advanced training may be more expensive, though some schools offer reduced tuition for advanced training for their former students.

What Do The Costs Cover?

The recognized schools offers supplies, recordings, scripts, books along with beverages and snacks. It is important to realize that even small items have the ability to add up to a lot when they have not been included. Your instruction should include a clear and concise training manual with everything you need to learn hypnosis. Often additional reading will be ether suggested or required and some of these books may be included in the tuition. Check with the instructor so you are clear on what is and what is not included.

Hours Of Training

Certain organizations believe that training for hypnosis will only require a weekend. While other groups believe that more time is needed that will include an internship over a few months. It is essential for prospective students to discriminate between the two.

A balance that lies between these two is usually best. Experience has suggested that most students are more than capable of starting up the practice involved in hypnosis once they have completed a course of around 100 classroom hours. Some organizations have minimal requirements, though IACT and IMDHA, and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), which are considered to be among the most respected international hypnosis organizations, recommends a total of at least 200 hours of training, with a minimum of 100-150 in the classroom.

Once receiving a certification in hypnosis, students embark on a lifelong and extremely enjoyable journey. Continuing and updated education is a general requirement from most of the certifying organizations. All of the reputable hypnotherapy organizations require the up keep of ongoing training for every type of hypnotist. Availability of additional training is also important to consider, especially if you have some goal in mind in terms of a specific area of focus and may seen advanced hypnotherapy training in the future.