Nashville Hypnotherapy Training

Good Vibes Hypnosis Training in now available in Nashville, Tennessee. We have been offering Hypnotherapy Training in various locations across the country since 2011 and now we are excited to present our Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training in Nashville. You will find additional information Hypnotherapy Training and Certification elsewhere on this site, this page is about our Nashville Hypnotherapy Training.

Nashville Hypnotherapy Training

Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training

When you enroll in our Basic and Advanced Nashville Hypnotherapy Training you will learn what you need to know to explore and understand what your clients need most when it comes to hypnosis and hypnotherapy. You will also learn the hypnotic techniques and processes to determine the true root cause of their presenting challenge and help them move beyond their limiting beliefs. The fact is the initial conversation with your client on the phone is important when it comes to building rapport, though that also continues when they arrive for their session.

While the conscious mind may not be aware of the underlying cause of their issue, their subconscious mind knows what they need most. In this Nashville Hypnotherapy Training you will learn specific techniques that will allow you to understand their problem and how to get to the bottom of it during their session.

You will learn multiple interactive hypnotherapy processes that will allow you to help your clients resolve deep seated issues. While suggestion based hypnosis is used throughout the course, and we start learning about the power of effective suggestions from day one, the interactive processes you will learn when you register for this training provide powerful the potential for positive changes.

Many challenges are emotionally based and it takes more than effective suggestions to achieve permanent change in most of these situations. The stresses of everyday life tend to create an energetic charge within the client, and that means you will need to learn multiple ways to help your clients  release this energy in order to assist them in the most appropriate way possible.

The hypnotic induction is the process of guiding your client into the hypnotic state. You will learn how to determine the most effective induction to use for different clients as well as effective techniques to help you guide your clients into deeper states of hypnosis and important indications that let you know when a deeper state is appropriate.

Multiple interactive processes will be presented and demonstrated in the training and the students will have the opportunity to explore them during supervised practice sessions during the training. These processes not only provide your clients with emotional clearing and healing, students soon discover that this training is experiential in nature, and that means you will have the opportunity to heal yourself as a part of this training.

Nashville Hypnotherapy TrainingNashville Hypnotherapy Training students put what they have learned to work during the training. Supervised practice sessions with each other during class allow the students to experience the process as both the therapist and the client. Additional self directed study that includes working with friends and family means you continue to learn outside the classroom as well.

These supervised practice sessions are not available with online training, and that is just one thing that sets this live Hypnotherapy Training in Nashville apart from video hypnosis training and online hypnosis training. Once you make the decision to enroll in our training you will discover how easy it is to learn hypnosis fast as we teach through a combination of discussion, demonstration and practical hands on experience.

Hypnotherapy Instructors

This Nashville Hypnotherapy Training is taught by Second Generation Hypnotherapist Mark Johnson and his wife, Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor Lana Johnson. Mark and Lana have both been practicing Hypnotherapy since 2003 and are excited about the opportunity to bring this Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training to Nashville, Tennessee. Mark and Lana enjoy sharing what they have learned during their years of extensive training and experience.

Hypnotherapy Certification

In addition to continuing to learn as you work with paying clients, this course includes classroom training, a hypnosis assessment exam and self directed study in order to earn your Hypnotherapy Certification. The certification will be provided by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) which offers a variety of benefits to both student and certified members. Your tuition includes a 6 month student membership with IACT and your first full year as a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Nashville Hypnotherapy Training classes are presented in 2 Levels. The Levels are presented about one month apart starting Tuesday evening and continuing through Sunday afternoon.

For additional information and details about the training, please visit our main website Nashville Hypnotherapy Training or if you are ready to go ahead and register for the next class you can Register Now.